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Jon Alexander

Founder & CEO

  • Joined GRT in 1996

  • Manages All Products

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2006

  • Degree(s)/Focus:

    • BSEE in Electrical Engineering Texas A&M University

    • MSEE in Electrical Engineering from University of New Mexico

    • MBA from University of Texas


Jon Alexander is the founder and CEO of Great River Technology and has led the company since its inception in 1996. He was a member of the ARINC standard committee that first introduced the original ARINC 818 standard and was involved with the subsequent updates to the standard.

Jon brings 24 years of ARINC 818 experience to the table and holds a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, an MSEE in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico, and an MBA from the University of Texas. Jon was a member of the original committee that introduced the ARINC 818 standard and each subsequent update to the standard thereafter. In his spare time, he enjoys sending time in the great outdoors of New Mexico.

Gary Ashel

Software Engineer

  • Joined GRT in 2005

  • Manages:

    • Software & APIs

      • Gravity

      • Matrix

      • Velocity

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2005​


Gary Ashel has been a Software Engineer with Great River Technology since 2005, and manages the software and APIs for GRT’s Gravity, Matrix, and Velocity products. He holds a B.S. in Modernization Process from the University of Wisconsin, as well as an M.S. in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix.


Gary was born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin, the land of hot, muggy summers, bad skiing, and the Green Bay Packers!

David Cole

CTO (Chief Technology Officer

  • Joined GRT 1997

  • Manages All Products

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2005

  • Degree(s)/Focus:

    • Electronics Engineering, Specialized in High-speed digital FPGA design​


David Cole is the Chief Technology Officer of Great River Technology, and joined the company in 1997. His specialized training includes tools and design techniques relevant to vendor-specific FPGAs such as Altera and Xilinx high-speed timing and simulation.

With his background in electronics engineering and specialization in high speed digital FPGA design, David has led the design and development at GRT of various hardware platforms used in digital video transmission and reception.

David’s projects at GRT have included:

  • EFC (Enhanced Fibre Channel) for F18 video;

  • Gravity Series Hardware used for Hotlink II video, IR camera communications and ARINC 818/FC-AV;

  • Matrix Series hardware for high end new generation Hotlink IR camera and ARINC 818 video for avionics displays;

  • Velocity Series latest generation hardware for support of ARINC 818-III;

  • Embedded board circuit cards for use in flyable products such as VCM or standalone for integration into customer display panels.

Prior to joining GRT, David spent 9 years at Honeywell Defense Avionics division, designing and producing military flight controls for systems on avionic vessels. While at Honeywell, David worked on the AV-8 Harrier, CH-47, QS-55, QF-106, QF-104, and C130 Autopilot Simulation.

In David’s free time, he enjoys a variety of outdoor activities in New Mexico including mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, and kitesurfing.

James Deffenbaugh

Design Engineer

  • Joined GRT in 2017

  • Manages HS-SAM

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2017

  • Degree(s)/Focus:

    • BSEE from UNM with a focus in electromagnetics


James Deffenbaugh joined Great River Technology in 2017 as a Hardware Design Engineer and currently manages the HS-SAM product. He holds a BSEE with honors from UNM with a focus in electromagnetics.

An Albuquerque native, he enjoys wood- and metal-working, hifi stereos, the outdoors, and cooking.

Mukul Gadde

Marketing Account Manager

  • Joined GRT 2010

  • Previously managed:

    • A818 Matrix​

    • A818 Matrix Plus

    • HS-SAM

    • Pantera Switch

    • Techway Switch

    • IP Core

    • Titan & Europa

    • Xf Tuner

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2010

  • Degree(s)/Focus:

    • MS Electrical Engineering


Mukul Gadde joined GRT in 2010 and holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering. He has experience managing many of GRT’s products including the ARINC 818 Matrix; the ARINC 818 Matrix Plus; the HS-SAM; the Pantera Switch; the Techway Switch; multiple IP cores; ARINC 818 systems including Titan, Calisto, and Europa; and the XF Tuner.

In addition to his extensive ARINC 818 knowledge, Mukul loves to make Indie films, directing and producing them here in New Mexico.

Paul Grunwald

Previous Director of Business Development and Chief Systems Architect

  • Joined GRT 2012 - 2020

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2012

  • Degree(s)/Focus:

    • B.S. Computer Science from Western Washington University​

    • Executive MBA from the University of New Mexico


Paul served as the Director of Business Development/Chief Systems Architect at Great River Technology from 2012-2020. His 30-year professional career also includes positions as Senior Systems Architect at GE Intelligent Platforms/SBS, Professional Services Manager at Network Architects, and Applications Engineering Manager at Philips Semiconductors for IEEE 1394 and IEEE 802.11 Product Lines as well other positions in the semiconductor and software industry.  He spent 6 years in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician and was on the commissioning crew of the USS Georgia (SSBN 729 Gold).  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Western Washington University and an Executive MBA Degree from the University of New Mexico.  Paul resides in Albuquerque, and has two children, Grace (14) and Hannah (19).  In his spare time, he golfs and tinkers with Porsches.

Kira Migliore

Contract Administrator

  • Joined GRT in 2019

  • Certifications:

    • AS9100 Internal Auditor​

  • Degree(s)/focus:

    • B.A. International Studies from University of Mississippi with a focus on politics and governance in East Asia

    • Graduate Diploma in Law - BPP Law School​​

    • Legal Practice Course - BPP Law School

Tim Keller


  • Joined GRT in 2005

  • Manages All Products

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2005

  • Degree(s)/Focus:

    • MSEE Arizona State University​


Tim Keller joined GRT in 2005 and serves Great River Technology as the COO. Prior to joining GRT, he worked at Honeywell Engines and Honeywell Power Systems for 17 years, where he was responsible for FADAC development and certification, system design, and system integration. Tim holds an MSEE from Arizona State University and is a former marathon runner, now turned mountain bike racer.

Kira Migliore joined GRT in 2019 as a Contract Administrator and works on contractual, quality auditing, and compliance matters. She holds a B.A. with honors in International Studies from the University of Mississippi, with a focus on governance and politics in East Asia, and completed the Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Practice Course at BPP University in London with a distinction.

Kira returned to her hometown of Albuquerque after many years living, working, and studying in Japan and the UK, and is an avid runner

Tom Odegard

Technical Director of Airborne Products

  • Joined GRT in 2017

  • Manages VCM (LRU & embedded boards, 1CH & 3CH), MC-VCM

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2017

  • Degree(s)/Focus:

    • BSEE from Montana State University​


Tom Odegard joined GRT in 2017 as the Technical Director of Airborne Products, developing and managing the flyable products group. Prior to joining GRT, he worked for 25 years at Honeywell Defense Avionics in product development for C-17 Multifunction Display, F15 Digital Map System, F15 Advanced Display Core Processor (I & II) systems, and B-2 Digital Disk Unit. While at Honeywell, he served as the primary Project Engineer for both F15 ADCP and B2 DDU development and worked closely with Boeing and Northrop Grumman on system architectural designs.

After leaving Honeywell, Tom also served as the Director of Engineering at ZTEC/Litepoint developing high-end RF test equipment for the wireless market.

Tom holds a BSEE from Montana State University, and enjoys kiteboarding, snowboarding, snowkiting, and mountain biking.

Ellena Tapia

Marketing & Communications Specialist

  • Joined GRT in 2019

  • Manages all marketing initiatives

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2019

  • Degree(s)/Focus:

    • BA Marketing & Graphic Design from the University of NM

    • BA in World Dance

    • MA in Education


Ellena has an extensive career in event management, fundraising, development, advertisement, marketing, and graphic design. In the 26 year span of experience, Ellena has gained valuable knowledge and expertise from multiple industry's to further support GRT in every marketing approach. She has marketed state-wide events & products, along with coast-to-coast events, products, and maintained national & international brands. She is also a six-time published graphic artist with her work in medical books on fetal monitoring. Ellena joined Great River Technology in 2019 and manages every aspect of marketing, event planning, advertising, and online, in-person, and print marketing campaigns. She is the webmaster and is always willing to support each and every client. 

Ellena loves to dance and spend time with her athletic children when not at work.

Anthony Trujillo

Design Engineer

- System Software Engineer

  • Joined GRT in 2014

  • Manages:

    • System Software

      • VPA

      • Xf Tuner

      • Pantera SDK 

      • Matrix-MultiCard 

    • Europa

    • Techway Switch  

    • Pantera

  • Started working with ARINC 818 in 2014


Anthony Trujillo has been with Great River Technology since 2014 and is a Design Engineer for System Software. He manages system software for the VPA, XF Tuner, Pantera SDK, and Matrix-MultiCard, and also manages the Europa, Techway Switch, and Pantera products.

Anthony holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering with a focus on hardware from the University of New Mexico, as well as a B.A in Spanish. He loves to spend time with his family and is a big fan of the Denver Broncos. Go Broncos!

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